Ranch Ghost is a child born of an unplanned pregnancy. Raised by its four father and one red-haired godparent in a small home due south of Nashville, it has grown out of its fledgling stage at last and is crawling it way towards the edge of the nest.

     The band has been audibly molded by the vibrations of Link Wray            and Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, while the influence of

            Nina Simone, Hank Williams, and Miles Davis

                 remains slightly obscured underneath the murky surface.

     Lookin was Ranch Ghost's first endeavor into recording the sonic incarnation of each of its member's thoughts, inspirations, and creative energy. It was recorded almost entirely live within the multi-track shack behind the home of Mitch Jones, the band's aforementioned godfather, engineer, and producer.   

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 Jones helped bring forth into the world a musical apparition, bearing simultaneously at times the primal growl of The Velvet Underground pushing the volume unit needles into the red, along with the punctured speaker cones of The Kinks. Deliberately

injected within this chaos, there lies the necessary space for singer Joshua Meador's prose of inequality and paper power to be able to stand comfortable, but with canines bared. Although this album presents a slightly more rambunctious and bleary eyed version of the group than you might see first hand on a night like tonight, it very accurately and honestly portrays the core of what they stand for, which continues to be their goal in person and on records to come.