Andrew Strader of The Deli Magazine writes:

     The Inscape, who just released their debut LP, We're All Wrong could now be justifiably labeled seasoned Nashville psychedelic rockers. Having released their debut material six years ago, they've been creating and playing music here for what seems like a lifetime in the city's constantly shifting scene. Rather than outgrowing their longtime home, however, it seems they've grown into it. Their latest release marks a departure from the heavier rock and psychedelic influence that their songs soaked in before. Instead, We're All Wrong is something of a psychedelic, alternative country dreamscape, creating an image of the place the group lives and works. The songs are frilled with subtle and beautifully crafted guitar, synth, organ, and pedal steel work atop structural beds of acoustic instrumentation reminiscent of indie rock classics like Fruit Bats. If you're new to Nashville independent music scene, The Inscape is a must listen for fans interest in guitar-heavy rock, psych, americana, and country.

                                        They're one of the few bands here still

                       molding characteristics of "the Nashville sound."

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