Ttotals have waited for the rest of the world to catch up. Psychedelic music is finally lurching towards a lasting place in popular culture. The word “psychedelic” itself may take on various meanings depending on who you’re talking to, and may even take its fair share of abuse - yet it has persisted.

    Based in Nashville, Ttotals have been stoically ensuring that the genre remains relevant in Music City going on several years. Founded in 2009 by Brian Miles, a Nashville - native, Ttotals have employed an ever shifting cast of exceptional musicians in their eight years as a band. Their latest release, We Are the Outer Blues, sees newcomers Dylan Frost and Austin Edwards rounding out the Ttotals lineup alongside Miles, as well as making their first contributions to Ttotals’ catalog.      Conceived out of a desire to bring avant garde principles to psychedelic music, Ttotals’ newest release continues to bring that original idea closer to reality. Over four songs, the trio establishes a sound that honors a lineage established by 13 Floor Elevators and continued later by Spaceman 3 without forgetting that Ttotals exists in the present. The songs themselves are driving and meditative, with riffs that become like chants, often expanding their presence over the entirety of the song.

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“Ttotals is a celebration of repetition and reflection. We want it to be an introspective experience for listeners."

We Are the Outer Blues follows Ttotals’ 2014 full-length, Let Everything Come Through, which Psychedelic Baby Mag called, “an absolute trip in the outer stratosphere of consciousness.” We Are the Outer Blues pursues that description as a mantra, establishing a sound that will continue to be explored on future releases.“We Are the Outer Blues is a continuation of a sound we’ve been mining and developing for years,” Miles said. “We hope our listeners will see the lineage of psychedelic music carried forward in our own music.”